Our Church

Our church exists to display the vibrancy of the gospel as we make disciples of Jesus Christ whose lives testify to the glory of God. The gospel of Jesus Christ defines who we are, motivates what we do, and enlightens the path we walk. The gospel gives us hope, grace, and strength as we confront both the sin in our lives and the challenge of living in a sinful world. To that end, there are several core truths that we strive to emphasize.

We Strive to be Christ Exalting

Since Jesus Christ is the foundation of the gospel, we strive to build our lives upon who He is and what He has done. We stand amazed that our Lord and Savior would humble Himself to pay the penalty of our sin by dying on the cross. We rejoice that He rose again to give us freedom from sin and eternal life.

Through a life of continued faith in Christ we can know God and receive grace and truth to enable us to please Him. As disciples of Christ, our desire is to be transformed into His image. Only through Christ can we bring glory to God. Therefore, we strive together to keep Jesus Christ as the object of our faith and worship.

We Strive to be Bible Proclaiming

The Bible is the very Word of God which reveals the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible is God’s unchanging truth that constantly gives light so that we may see ourselves and our world from God’s viewpoint. God expects us to live by faith in His Word as we obey Him.

Through the Bible, the Spirit of God ministers His wisdom and grace to our lives. The Scripture is sufficient to address the sinful needs of our lives as we respond in repentance and faith. Therefore, we strive together to give careful consideration to the Bible in our church services and in our daily lives.

We Strive to be Heart Focused

The Bible uses the word “heart” to describe the real you. Everything we do is shaped and controlled by what our heart desires. The problem is that our hearts are deceitful and incurably wicked. Without the truth and grace of God found in His Word, our hearts believe lies, worship false gods, and lead us into evil behavior.

However, the good news is that God is at work transforming our hearts through the gospel. God does not want people to live a life of mere external obedience to His Word. He wants His Word to transform our hearts into true worshippers of God. As God transforms our hearts by His grace, we are motivated by love to serve and obey Jesus Christ. Therefore, we strive together to focus on what God is doing in our hearts.

We Strive to be Church Connected

God is clear that spiritual growth and heart change happen in the context of a community of believers. Our local-church relationships are another avenue of grace by which God helps us to see our own sinfulness and become like Him. As we minister God’s grace, we encourage each other to practice a lifestyle of daily repentance and faith in the gospel and God’s Word.

Of course, since we are sinners saved by grace, our relationships in our church can sometimes be messy and challenging. Committing to a church family means that we are vulnerable to hurt, failure and disappointment. However, by God’s grace, we live like Christ when we humble ourselves to love one another, serve one another, forgive one another, pray for one another, and encourage one another. Therefore, we strive together to be committed members to our church family.

We Strive to be Gospel Driven.

The gospel is our foundation for all of life. We are to be rooted and grounded in the gospel. The gospel unites us to Christ, drives us to the Bible, transforms our hearts, and encourages our relationships. The gospel allows us to be honest with ourselves and to love those around us. Our aim is for the gospel to fuel our worship to God, our service to one another, and our outreach to the world.

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Our prayer is that the gospel would be evident as it saves us from our own way of living life. We want the gospel to drive the way we think, feel, act, speak, and live. We want to passionately think on the gospel, rejoice in the gospel, and share the gospel with others. Therefore, we strive together to be gospel driven.

We would like to invite you to visit our church and see the gospel in action. Of course, as you look at our lives, you will not see perfect people. What you will find are sinners saved by grace. You will witness Jesus Christ as the object of our worship. You will hear the Bible being proclaimed. You will see people striving to live a life of repentance and faith. We trust you will be encouraged to rejoice as you see God bringing glory to Himself through our lives.

Our desire is to help you meet the challenges of life in such a way that you bring glory to God through the grace of the gospel as well. Please accept our invitation to visit us as we “Strive Together to Live the Gospel.”

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