Bible Reading Plans

As followers of Jesus, our desire is to bring glory to God by thinking and living like Jesus. Thankfully, God has not left us to figure out how to do that. He gave to us his word by which we can know the mind of God and do the will of God. In fact, James 1:22 says, that if we are content to just listen to the words of God and not do them then we are living in self-deception. A true follower of Jesus, wants to know God’s word and wants to live God’s word. Below are different Bible reading plans that can guide you to both know and live the word of God.

 Chronological Bible Reading Plan

While you can purchase Bibles that are arranged in the order the events took place, this chart will enable you to do that with your own Bible. Taken from, this plan will help you understand the story of scripture as it unfolded in history. [*Link coming soon!]

5x5x5 Reading Plan

Designed to take you through the New Testament in one year, this plan is a good plan for beginning Bible readers. Through 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, this plan gives 5 suggested techniques to use to understand and know God’s word. [*Link coming soon!]

Discipleship Journal® Bible Reading Plan

A highly adaptable plan, this program allows the reader to gain insight from both the Old Testament and New Testament every day. As you progress throughout the year, you will gain a better appreciation for the unity of Scripture. [*Link coming soon!]

Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan

This program, also designed by the Discipleship Journal, helps the reader work book by book of the Bible in the course of one year. As the year progresses, the reader will alternate between Old and New Testament books. [*Link coming soon!]

McCheyne Bible Reading

Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843) was a young preacher from Scotland. During his short life and pastorate, God used McCheyne to influence many souls for Christ. McCheyne designed this program to allow the reader to cover the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalm twice in one year. [*Link coming soon!]

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