Since we are striving together to live the gospel, Hurst Baptist Church has a heart that truly wants others to know the gospel. In Matthew 28 our Lord commanded us to go make disciples of all nations. That commission involves our own gospel witness in our community and around the world. Therefore, our efforts involve gospel outreach close to home and across the globe (Acts 1:8).

Community Missions

Our desire is to be a community of believers in which every member is obediently following the Lord in giving the gospel. Nothing excites us more than to hear that our members are sharing the gospel with those in our community. This is why we strive to teach and display the gospel when we gather. This is why we emphasize building redemptive relationships in our everyday lives. We want people to follow the Lord in saving faith.

To this end, our church encourages both formal outreach ministries (e.g.,Vacation Bible School) and informal outreach ministry. We understand that our mission field is all around us in the relationships that God has given to us. Throughout the normal rhythm of our day, we strive to stay on mission as ambassadors for Christ. Our goal is to see people transfer their faith to Jesus and become true disciples who follow him in life.  

International Missions

Jesus intended his people to have a heart for the entire world. Our church has committed itself and a large portion of our resources to supporting the work of the gospel around the globe. The missionaries we support become an important part of our extended church family. We deliberately keep the needs of their lives and ministries before our church. We take great delight in having our missionaries visit with us and rejoice in God’s grace with them. Ultimately, it is the gospel that changes lives. Our heart is to see the glory of God spread through the world as he changes hearts to become true worshipers of God. 

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