Since children are a heritage from the Lord, one of our greatest delights and responsibilities is training our children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ps. 127:3; Eph. 6:1). Jesus himself delighted in children and desired that they be a part of his kingdom (Mt. 19:14).

While parents are given the primary responsibility of shepherding their children to follow Christ, it is our prayer to come alongside and support them in this sacred calling. Our aim is to encourage parents not just to seek mere external obedience from their children. Instead, our desire is to assist parents in using the scripture to reach the heart of their child and see the gospel transform them internally.

Only when the gospel changes a heart will a child begin to live in a manner that is worthy of the gospel. Therefore, by God’s grace our ministry has been effective when a child…

  1. Turns from their sin and chooses to follow the gospel by faith.
  2. Chooses to passionately love God and his word instead of loving self
  3. Demonstrates that love for God by loving others
  4. Seeks to share the hope of the gospel with those who have not trusted Jesus
  5. Pursues looking like Christ in all they say and do.

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